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Snowhawks Pro ShopEquipment • Accessories • Rentals

Snowhawks is pleased to offer members and parents the ability to rent
and purchase ski or snowboard equipment and accessories directly from our school.

  • Ottawa Equipment Rentals
  • Ottawa Gear + Accessories

Equipment Rental Program

Snowhawks is pleased to offer members and parents our Rental Program, ideal for those in growth spurts, those trying the sport for the first time, or for those with an eye for value. Simply email our office to arrange a convenient time for an equipment fitting.

Highlights of the Rental Program are:


for Ski or Snowboard Equipment Rentals

for Beginners (never-evers) in the Mid-Winter Youth Programs

(Beginner Special not available for winter 2021)


Ski/Snowboard Equipment

  • CONVENIENT: For full-season rentals, visit the Snowhawks office in the pre-season for a 25-minute fitting and leave with your gear. Then simply return it at the hill on the final outing, saving you a trip back to Snowhawks' office, or hang on to the equipment for spring skiing... Your choice!
  • RELIABLE: Snowhawks stands behind the product and will correct equipment problems of any kind. Outgrow equipment part way through the season? Simply trade it in for a larger size.

    • SKI: Full-season rental prices range from $140 for skis sized up to 125 cm; $160 for 126 cm to 140 cm; and $180 for sizes above 140 cm (HST added to all prices). This includes skis, boots, bindings and poles, plus all mounting and binding adjustments.
    • SNOWBOARD: Full-season rental prices range from $140 for boards sized up to 129 cm; $160 for 130 cm to 139 cm; and $180 for sizes 140 cm and above (HST added to all prices). This includes boots and boards, plus all mounting and binding adjustments.
    • Skiing-in-Schools program equipment rents for $42 plus HST total for the full-four outings.
    • Spring Break rentals (ski or snowboard) are $50 plus HST for the week.
    • Helmets and wrist guards can be rented separately.

  • FLEXIBLE: Those doing Snowhawks' ski-snowboard Combo Program can exchange one set of equipment for another at the half way point. A $20 surcharge applies.



Proper ski or snowboard helmets are compulsory for all youth and chaperons participating in Snowhawks programs, and are strongly recommended for adult members too.
Snowhawks rental helmets are available for $20 for mid-winter program members, $16 for Skiing/Snowboarding-in-Schools program participants, or $5 for the 4- or 5-day Spring programs (+HST).


Wrist Guards

Snowhawks has snowboarding wristguards for purchase at $23, or you may rent them at $15 for the full season,
$8 for Snowboarding-in-Schools program, or $5 for Spring Programs.

Gear + Accessories

Available for purchase directly from Snowhawks Ottawa: ski bags, snowboard bags, boot-carrier back-packs, Ski Key locks, snowboard cable locks, snowboard ratchet tools and snowboard wristguards. They make great holiday or birthday gifts for use at Snowhawks and beyond.

You can view Snowhawks accessories in your online Snowhawks account, or by downloading an Accessories Order form.

Placing your order is easy…

  1. ONLINE: Log in at and click on the Accessories link in the upper menu to order online.

  2. PAPER FORM: Download the order form in PDF format. Complete the paper form and then mail, fax or scan & email to Snowhawks Ottawa.

  3. PAYMENT: Paper-form orders may be paid by cheque, money order or Interac email transfer. If ordering from inside your online Snowhawks account, you'll have the additional option of payment by credit card.



Calling All MembersGet your friends to join the fun!

Refer friends, neighbours and colleagues and SAVE!Receive credits towards your registration when your referrals register for Snowhawks’ adult or youth programs.


when they register one adult in the full Wednesday Adult Getaway program; $15 for additional adults in the same family.


when they register one adult in the Wednesday Flex Pack program; $10 for additional adults in the same family.


when they register one child in the Gatineau or Laurentian Traveller program; $20 for additional kids in the same family.


when they register one child in a Spring Break program; $10 for additional children in same family.

Maximize your savings... Promote the program.


Please let us do the work: Do Not deduct credits from your payment. We’ll track your credits to be refunded or applied against a future registration, as you wish. Remember to have your referrals write YOUR name on their registration form.