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Mount St. Louis Traveller

Mt St Louis Meal Plan

The Meal Plan is available for our Mt. St. Louis Traveller program members.

Why Choose the Meal Plan Lunch Option?

  • Hot lunch served daily
  • Food will be served in our private Snowhawks lunch room - easier to supervise
  • Avoid cafeteria line-ups
  • *Please note we are unable to accomodate dietary restrictions

The Menu 

Week 1:

4 cheese Scooby-doo pasta

Chicken fingers with kettle chips

Tomato soup

Vanilla and chocolate pudding

Water/juice/hot chocolate

Week 2:

Sloppy Joe’s with burger buns

Chicken or veggie wraps with tater tots

Chicken noodle soup

Fruit cocktail

Water/juice/hot chocolate

Week 3:

Turkey taco macaroni

Hamburger or veggie burger with kettle chips

Vegetable soup

Assorted jell-o

Water/juice/hot chocolate

Week 4:

Meatball spaghetti spirals or with veggie meatballs

Hot dog with tater tots

Loaded potato soup.

Mandarin oranges

Water/juice/hot chocolate

Week 5: - 7 Will rotate the above menu

Week 8:  Pizza Party!

Always included are hot soup and drinks (juice, water & hot chocolate)


Vegetable oils used exclusively

  • RATES:
  • $ 157.50 “Mt St Louis Meal Plan"
  • $ 67.50 "Christmas Camp" Meal Plan
  • $ 90 "March Break Traveller" Meal Plan

*All prices are subject to HST