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Welcome to Snowhawks ~Established 1984~

Since 1984 in Toronto and 1987 in Ottawa, Snowhawks Ski & Snowboard School
has developed a reputation for quality, safety and fun.

Add to this a super group of qualified instructors, our very own chaperons, a variety of the best mountains, a special atmosphere and you have the reasons why our members return year after year.

We offer a range of programs for youngsters, teenagers and adults which include:

  • Instruction in the Snowhawks Ski & Snowboard School
  • All lift tickets (Wednesday Adult Getaway excluded)
  • Return travel from resort area via luxury coach
  • Special event days… races, bump competitions, slopeside competitions, end of season parties & much more…
  • End of season Student Evaluation Report (for Saturday & Sunday youth programs)
  • Discounts at Sporting Life

Our personalized attention to each member’s progress & our stress on supervision
are what parents appreciate most about the Snowhawks children and teen programs.

Of course, kids love having fun, so at Snowhawks we ensure that all are treated to a great deal of it! Our Wednesday adult group has come to appreciate the combination of excellent instruction and an ambiance which only Snowhawks offers.

We invite you to read on about our Christmas, Mid-Winter and Spring Break programs as well as our Adult Getaway. As Directors, we look forward to meeting all new Snowhawks members at our promotional events this fall, and also on snow!



The People Who Bring Snowhawks Raven to You:

Toronto Programs are directed by Mitch Gorski, an accredited Level III CSIA, Level II CSCF, Level I CASI, and holds an MBA degree from McMaster. And Heather Siderson, an accredited Level II CSIA, Level I CASI, and has a B.A. from NYU and a B.Ed. from Queen’s and an Ontario Teacher's Certificate. Heather has worked as a primary and secondary school teacher.  Together they’ve owned and directed Snowhawks since its inception.

“As parents ourselves, we certainly loved watching our kids improve their skills. Equally rewarding is seeing the camaraderie and independence which develops over the course of the season. Making new friends, conquering a new hill, learning a better way to turn and listening to their never-ending stories… that’s what we enjoy in our kids’ Snowhawks Raven experience and we know you’ll enjoy in yours.”


Heather Siderson

Program Director, Toronto

Mitchell Gorski

Program Director, Toronto

Ottawa Programs are directed by Harvey Brodkin, B.A., M.A., B.Ed. Harvey holds an Ontario Teacher's Certificate and is a Level III member of CSIA and Level I member of the CSCF. Harvey is assisted by Marion Haas, B.A., B.SW., M.A. Marion has an honours degree in social work and is an accredited member of the CSIA. Together with a top notch team of instructors, program coordinators and chaperons, Harvey and Marion ensure that Snowhawks’ goals are realized.

In 1988, Snowhawks began its programming in Ottawa where...

“Our goals at Snowhawks are simple...to provide excellent instruction in a safe and stimulating environment
which promotes friendship, self esteem and physical fitness.”

harvey brodkin

Marion Haas

Assistant Director, Ottawa

Harvey Brodkin

Program Director, Ottawa