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Weather-related CANCELLATIONS for Feb 12 & 13!!!

Feb 14 & 15 programs are on, as scheduled...

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As parents, we tried many events in an effort to give Ronan skills that will build on his character and his strengths while providing him with opportunity for fun. He has been with Snowhawks Raven since he was 8 and absolutely loves it. We struggle every year asking the question, “Can we afford this?” The final answer is always “he gets too much out of it to worry about the money”. This year he did the Christmas Break, Saturdays and is over the top excited about joining you for the trip to Quebec. He has made lifelong friends, feels safe and respects you very much. For this we are thankful and pass along our most indebted gratitude to both of you as well as your team of very professional chaperones and instructors. I know Ronan is already talking about one day instructing himself and we are thrilled with this prospect. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip to Quebec and thanks for keeping him safe for us.

Byron S.