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Go skiing or snowboarding with your kids for a day!

If you really want to have fun on the slopes, go skiing or snowboarding with your kids and experience the day through their eyes. Here are a couple of hints to make your day special.

  1. Safety Is Key: Don’t ski on runs that you like or that challenge you, rather take runs that are perhaps a bit easier that the family can enjoy together. Choose runs with less skier traffic so that the kids can go from side to side safely.
  2. Play a game or two: Young kids especially love to play games, even on the slopes. Try “Follow the leader” or “Red Light Green Light”. Make sure that everyone has a chance to be the leader. When it is your turn, make it interesting. Do some hops, look for a roller or bump or pretend you’re on an airplane coming in for a landing.
  3. Self Discovery: Not only do kids learn best when they don’t realize they are learning, but they have the most fun that way as well. When skiing/snowboarding, search out variances in terrain. Look for bumps and rollers or if there is an embankment, see how far up it you could go. Try doing a 360 on an easy slope.
  4. End the day on a high: No need to ski/snowboard until the bitter end. Remember, accidents happen when you are tired and kids are likely to become tired before you. Take a hot chocolate break or two and when you sense they’ve had enough, just pack it in.