Blue Mountain Traveller


GRADES: 5-12


ABILITY: NoviceIntermediateadvancedexpert


The Raven Program is similar to the Raven Plus program with one important distinction.  On the Raven program, our members will have the opportunity to free ski/snowboard for half the day.  This not onlyt allows our kids to practise their skills in a less structured environment, but it also allows members the opportunity to explore all that Blue Mountain has to offer with friends who may not be at the same ability or perhaps if one is a skier and the other is a boarder.

  • 8 Saturdays or 8 Sundays
  • Jan. 12/13 - Mar. 2/3, 2019

NOTE: We will be skiing/snowboarding through Family Day weekend this season due to the academic school calendar 

  • $975 “Raven - Saturday”
  • $935 “Raven - Sunday”
  • $ 50 Freestyle option surcharge
  • $ 50 Discount additional brother(s) / sister(s)
  • $ 25 Late fee applied after December 15
  • $ 15 Discount if paying by cheque

*All prices are subject to HST


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